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Watch our chapter by chapter overview video and see our reviews.  Everyday Anatomy is a fun and interactive home study and reference book focusing on basics such as skeletal, muscular, peripheral nerves, and vascular anatomy. Reference information includes topics such as lymphedema, carpal kinematics, tunnels and more, and common clinical syndromes. The interactive activities and creative components set this book apart from any on the market place! Prepare for the certification exam test and have an excellent lasting reference. A winning combination! To maximize viewing of the video, please set your computer to full screen.  

Here are the objectives and key learning components


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  • Identify key structure in the brachial plexus & recognize common syndromes/lesions or injuries
  • Identify and position the muscles in layers from deep to superficial on the hand, forearm & shoulder
  • Identify the position of the muscles as they are located approximate to other musculature, such as the gross origin and insertion
  • Identify nerve to muscle orientation in proper order of innervation for the radial, median, and ulnar nerves
  • Recognize major circulatory and lymphatic structures in the upper extremity as well as identify the causal factors that impact both systems
  • Identify key wrist and kinematic motions as well as recognize clinical syndromes that affect the function of the wrist
  • Identify key bony/skeletal structures in the upper extremity
  • Identify compression sites in the upper extremity relative to the ulnar, median and radial nerves
  • Differentiate cutaneous and dermatomal distribution in the upper extremity and recognize causal factors that impact the sensory system
  • Recognize specified anatomical locations in the upper extremities that are germane to assessment and treatment of conditions in the upper extremity
  • Table of contents:


    How to use this manual

  • Introduction and Course Objectives
  • Activity Guidelines
  • Study Tips
  • Policies and Disclosures

    Bones of the Upper Extremity 

  • Hand
  • Continuing Education Units (CEU�s) Registration and Information
  • Forearm
  • Shoulder

    Peripheral Nerves in the Upper Extremity

     Brachial plexus overview and learning activities

  • Path of the radial, median and ulnar nerves
  • Clinical syndromes involving the median, ulnar & radial nerves
  • Cutaneous and dermatome sensory patterns
  • Tunnels and more: additional spaces and places for the clinician to consider

    Layering Anatomy

  • From the outside in: What do you see when you look under your skin?
  • Volar hand
  • Anterior forearm
  • Posterior forearm
  • Anterior shoulder/upper extremity
  • Posterior shoulder/upper extremity
  • Vascular System Overview

  • Arterial blood flow
  • Venous return
  • Lymphatics overview
  • Carpal Kinematics

  • The wrist bones
  • Movement of the wrist
  • Pre/Post Test

  • Pretest answer sheet
  • Post test answer sheet


    Post-Course Evaluation


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