Hand In Mind

Hand therapy booklet and education power points

Six Power Point lessons, & One patient education program with handouts

all on one jump drive!

  • The Infinite Hand
  • Crucial Reasoning in the Outpatient Setting Using a Decision Tree
  • Boutonniere and Swan Neck of the Thumb
  • Intrinsic Anatomy 
  • Soft Tissue Considerations in Splinting  
  • & Basic Anatomy Review

Common Issues in Hand Therapy booklet

A Helpful Product for Occupational and Physical Therapists

Have you noticed that patients in hand therapy face a litany of the same concerns and issues? Issues such as swelling, scar tissue, hypersensitivity, scar management, compliance, disuse, and self-limiting behaviors just to name a few?

This informative addresses each of the above and more by providing a collection of 22 educational pages on the issues patients most commonly face and the exercises most used in hand therapy. I believe the best method for conveying patient information is through analogies and verbal and written education. Written material is especially invaluable as even the most educated patient has difficulty retaining oral information. This is even more true of the patient facing an extensive or traumatic recovery. Every effort was made to:

  • Use words that strongly edify the therapist and encourage the patient to be compliant
  • Streamline the education and handouts with meaningful, pertinent information
  • Provide original illustrations/pictures that will help complement learning

For an accurate detailing of the entire booklet please refer to the Common Issues Details page on this website. The jump drive comes as a PDF format


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