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Hand therapy treatment resources: Sensational Beads!

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The Sensational Beads! kit provides multiple fun and engaging opportunities for a patient in the recovery process for management of sensory discomfort; also useful where endurance for fine motor skills or gross hand manipulation is needed.  The beads can be picked up with a gross grasp, fine pinch, or with the marshmallow threading tool. The small scoop encourages a lateral pinch and the colorful cylinder scoops encourage a controlled grasp in the planes of supination (and/or pronation) or fine motor hold as the patient moves the beads from one container to the next. Colorful, well defined tokens can be added to the beads or putty for a feel- and-find effort. The carpet noodle rug is another chance to desensitize while finding small buried items. Six jumbo beads are provided with a threading rope for an additional task. The activity card provides multiple suggested uses. The beads provide a relaxing desensitization effort as the hand moves freely through the particles. The beads are easily washed and can be left to air-dry. The handles and cylinders have been rubberized with a silicone edging  for easy handling and durability. The kit includes:


  • 1.5 lbs, of colorful  beads
  • One large cylinder scoop
  • One small cylinder scoop
  • One small measure scoop  
  • 14 search and find tokens  
  • Full color laminated activity card  
  • Fine motor marshmallow threading tool
  • 6 large beads with rope
  • Noodle rug


    Warning: choking hazard. Hand in Mind not responsible for misuse and unsupervised use of Sensational Beads.

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