Hand In Mind

So...What's the deal?

So many people have stores on the web with lots of different products.  We do strive to be a little different! Hand In Mind offers items at a significantly lower price than our competitors.  Why? Because we can!   There are some items on our site you can find other places, but the majority of our items are custom created by Sheri, Lucy & Olivia. If you are not finding what you want there is a good chance we can make it for you, given the components found in our other products.   We strive to make your shopping experience awesome.  Sure, we occasionally forget to add the price or update our page, but we all either work or are in school.  That does not mean we love you any less! When you receive your package you will get an array of neat things that will help your product to last a long time and hopefully will remind you that we are here...waiting to make another awesome product for you or your friends.

Here is a picture of some of the packaging you will receive, depending on your order

Bracelet box, earring box, necklace box, microfiber polishing cloth, sterling silver info card, high five card, anti-tarnish bag/tab, and a big thank you from Hand in Mind

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