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Hand therapy treatment resources: Wrist twist and roll

Wrist Twist & Roll:                        $45.00

Any patient needing work on the wrist, forearm, and/or hand grasp will have fun using this tool and working the extremity in all cardinal planes.  This tool is made of two durable metal pieces that easily snap together via the two pre-drilled dowels that are included in the kit.  The twist and roll action comes in with the movement needed to move the bead from one side to the other. Once the twirl side is complete, then flip it to roll side.   Maintaining a firm hold on the tool with both hands lessens the chance for cheating and promotes moving the wrist through available ranges. Colors of the Wrist Twist & Roll will vary.

Designed & constructed by Sheri E. Roberts, OTR/L, CHT


Package includes:

One Wrist Twist & Roll

One idea card

*** Basic assembly. Apply E-6000 or the wood glue provided to the open holes and top surfaces of the two dowel handles.  Insert the metal ends into the openings.  Push firmly and pull the black caps downward to cover and secure the pieces.  Allow 24 hours before use

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